Importance of Updating Your Website Content for SEO

Content is invaluable when it comes to your website, and it’s not just pictures and video—written content is the king of web positioning, known as search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is what helps search engines such as Google rank your site for context, and it’s also what’s going to get your business name in front [...]

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Tips for Effective Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns for General Dentists

Pay per click advertising can be an extremely effective advertising media for general dental offices looking to generate new patients, if done correctly. It is very easy to waste a large portion of your advertising budget if you’re targeting and settings are not optimized correctly. The wrong setting can have your campaign show for the [...]

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Best Writing Tips When Writing for Dental Blogs

When writing for dental blogs, you want to engage readers while providing them with the information they’re looking for.  High-quality content is an excellent way to do this. It not only help boosts a dental practice’s credibility, but shows that the team is actively involved in patient education and delivering helpful information to their audience. [...]

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Gazz Consulting Launches Franchise Website & Digital Campaign for Surveillance Secure

Surveillance Secure, a leading security integrator serving the commercial market in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C., selected Gazz Consulting to develop and launch a digital campaign to promote their new nationwide franchise offering. The new security franchise website, coupled with a targeted SEO and digital advertising campaign, will target potential franchise candidates throughout the United [...]

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How to Use and Take Advantage of Your Google My Business Account

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool businesses can utilize to provide basic information about their organization in Google applications, including Google searches and Google Maps. GMB helps customers find you and information they need to know about your business easily. You’ve likely seen these GMB pages all the time when searching for a [...]

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