Does your digital marketing strategy take into account voice search?

You may have experienced this personally, but industry data has also shown a dramatic increase in the amount of voice-activated searches, as the rise of the voice enabled applications has made this an increasingly convenient option for people searching online. This can be conducted via digital assistants provided by Google, Amazon, Apple and the like, [...]

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How Do I Know if My Business Needs an SEO Consultant?

Getting found in the search engines is key for any successful business. Whether you operate exclusively online or your business has a physical location as well, search engine optimization (SEO) is a must. There are many components that factor into optimizing your web presence. SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy; yours must be custom if you’re going [...]

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What to Do with a Bad Review?

Having an online presence is not only beneficial but necessary for businesses to be successful. However, with the convenience and prevalence of the internet comes the ability for customers to speak their mind and for a worldwide audience to listen. As a business, it’s impossible to avoid bad reviews. There’s going to be someone somewhere [...]

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Have your organic rankings dropped? May be time to evaluate your site for its E-A-T

Has your website experienced the significant drop in organic search traffic this year? 2018 has been an impactful year for Google algorithm updates on the organic search rankings for sites in multiple industries and verticals. Are you frustrated at this fact since you've been writing new content for your site and focusing on best [...]

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