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Struggling with Your Blog? 4 Tips on How to Find Good Blog Topics

Your website’s blog is an opportunity to tell your audience more about what you offer, your expertise, and provide them with helpful information. A blog with resourceful content that visitors actually want to read will pay dividends, but coming up with new topics regularly can be a challenge.

However, your blog also serves another important purpose—it can help drive traffic to your website and increase organic leads and search engine rankings. Quality blog content can deliver quality traffic.

Although maintaining a blog is an excellent way to increase your web presence and market to your audience, it can be challenging to find unique topics to write about, especially if you’re posting once or twice a month.

Fortunately, there are ways to find genuinely helpful topics you can write about to cater to your audience and use keywords to get more traffic to your site. Here are some tips for getting started finding good topics for your blog.

Read Forums in Your Niche – Find Quality Niche Topics

High-quality forums are a way to find questions people may have about your industry or niche. You can turn those questions into blog article titles and then answer the question in a knowledgeable and understandable way.

Look at forums in your niche or broader ones such as Reddit, Quora, and even Twitter. You can find YouTube videos and comments on existing blog posts and use this information to find out what questions people have and how you can create meaningful answers in your blog posts.

Forums are a simple and accessible way to find questions not asked in person or over the phone when serving your customers.

Ask Your Existing Readers/Customers – What Content Would They Like to See?

Ask your existing readers what questions they have or what they’d like to see you talk about on your blog. If you have a mailing list, you can email readers and ask them to take a simple two-minute survey about what topics they’d like to see and potentially even offer a discount on your services for taking the survey.

You can also have a pop-up on your site with a simple question readers can answer, “What questions do you have about our services or products?”. You can also give them a multiple-choice questionnaire and have them pick which topics they’d like to see or what questions they have.

Create a News Alert – Timely Information Often Has A Shelf Life

People are always looking for the latest news. You can build trust with your customers and stay current by using trending topics or searches for your blog content. Consider creating a news alert about your industry and follow the latest reports in your field to see what could make for a relevant article topic.

Addressing current events or using the latest industry news to create blog content not only shows readers that you are on top of updates in your field. It’s also an opportunity to address reader concerns and objections and provide your expertise to build authority online.

Look at Your Competitors – Get Ideas and Put Your Twist on Topics

Check out what your competition is covering on their blog. Their trending articles can indicate which topics are most popular or relevant in your industry. However, don’t check out their content with the goal of copying them—use it to take your content to the next level.

Take a topic they cover and use your own industry expertise and insight to tackle it from a different angle. For example, instead of an article titled “X Ways to Build Your Following”, try “These X Things Drive Followers Away”.

Use These Tips & Start Creating Valuable Blog Content

Don’t wait to start creating valuable blog content for your readers. Your blog can become an information hub for your audience and help build your online presence, industry authority, and search engine rankings. Find the right approach to your content marketing strategy by contacting Gazz Consulting today.

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