You have questions about website design, Google, SEO, Analytics, PPC, etc. What is the best online strategy for my business? How do I get started? What do I need to know?

No Gimmicks or Blind Promises, Just Hard Work, Measurement and Persistence

More than ever, today, SEO is complicated. Working with a partner who has a firm understanding of and experience working with sustainable SEO strategies, and who understands what the wrong strategies as well, and who combines the two to implement a success strategy is key. Anyone who says SEO is easy, or that they can ‘guarantee’ SEO results, is probably someone you should seriously question as no one can guarantee results. By using Google’s SEO best practices and a long-term consistent vision, our customers have seen positive results with SEO.

Thousands of online searches are being conducted online daily for your services or products. Customers are continuously searching for prices, nearby locations, reviews, and various other company qualities that will drive them to making an informed decision as to where they would like to spend their money. The question is, what is bringing the client from an empty search box to your business’s home page? The Internet is very sophisticated, but a search engine still needs a bit of assistance in deciding which pages of content are most relevant and useful for consumer needs. The solution is Search Engine Optimization, the process of improving search visibility by altering keywords and phrases that consumers are using most. We work with clients to create content that is relevant and filled with target keywords to place your business where it will be most visible to customers.

With Local SEO for Businesses, Visibility on Google My Business/Maps is Vital

Google My Business (also termed “Google Maps” or ‘Google Places”) is an increasingly critical means of not only creating custom driving directions but also for discovering local businesses.

Millions of people access Google Maps daily, making this application one of the most widely used of its kind and a wonderful platform for discovering new clientele. Whether you a large company or a small mom-and-pop business, local search is equally important as it is the foundation for primary searches that attract initial customers.  Your Google Places profile can include detailed information of your business including address, hours of operation, contact information, photos, videos and reviews, as well as a detailed map and directions to your location. Customers are even able to leave online reviews, further enhancing your Google Places visibility. Easy to use (and free!), this useful tool can become a vital asset to your company when used appropriately, and we are happy to assist you in strategizing for success.

Unique & Engaging Content Builds Trust and Establishes Credibility

An eye-catching, effective website is crucial to creating a premium online experience, but it means nothing if not paired with the proper content marketing. Creating a website only for it to be left alone and static is one of the biggest mistakes business are making when it comes to marketing themselves. Everything within the cyber-world is connected, and content marketing is the string that pulls it all together. Establishing credibility and engaging with consumers is pivotal to convincing Google that you are a powerful source of information, and therefore, worthy of promotion. At Gazz Consulting, we create and connect these pieces of content in a way that optimizes this promotion and puts you on top.

One of the ways in which we prove our clients to be credible is by designating them as authors. Blogging is one of the most impactful way of doing this as they are easily self-published and one of the most sought-after sources of information. As multiple posts are uploaded weekly, our blog becomes a wealth of information while our authors gain credibility as a reputable source. Our clients’ names are also becoming more prominent within Google, making them more likely to appear in search results.

Additionally, many of our clients choose to host their own YouTube channel. YouTube has become a primary source for information, as it is free, readily available and visually stimulating. YouTube truly is a “channel” between our clients and their consumers.

There are various ways to implement content marketing into your business, and the more creative we can be, the better. Branding yourself and promoting your business through content marketing is a surefire way to get Google on your side while bridging the gaps in your online presence. Gazz Consulting works creatively to prove to consumers that you are more than just a business: you are a personality.

An Example of Our Content Marketing Programs Include our Dental Health blog, Your Dental Health Resource.

Hire GazzBecause we know that what ultimately matters to our clients is getting more online visibility, traffic and leads.

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