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Our Process: Strategy. Design. Promote. Measure. We Need to Get Smart & Constantly Learn

We do not take a one approach fits all. Our approach and process takes times, but an effective web presence and Internet marketing campaign needs to consider many factors, and the learning process is an ongoing effort.

“From the beginning, the team at Gazz took the time to understand my business. I could tell they wanted to learn and that gave me confidence that I had chosen the right firm. The knowledge they developed of my business, my market and my competitors helped them to build a web site and marketing campaign that put the results from my previous site and marketing firm to shame.

– Kim Hartman: CEO of Surveillance Secure

Consultation and Goal Identification

Coming together to create and identify goals is an important strategy in creating a powerful marketing strategy. Gazz Consulting is happy to meet with you for a primary consultation to understand the direction of your company and brand while locating areas where we can help. The key to successful online development is making sure that we recognize your vision and expand in a way that better communicates your promise to your customers. Contact us today to request a consultation and see what Gazz Consulting can do for you.

Research Existing Market

The success of a business relies heavily on not only personal branding, but also understanding the branding and design efforts of your competitors. In an area of business where success relies on constant creativity and a focus on logistics, assessing competition and identifying opportunities is crucial. By monitoring existing search traffic, Gazz works to maintain the most up-to-date information as possible to keep your branding fresh, current, and relevant to today’s consumer demands. Our strict attention to detail leaves more time for you to focus on the area you care most about: your service.

Track and Measure

At Gazz Consulting, the project does not end with website redesign and development. After all, what is the benefit of a strong online presence if not getting clients to commit to your Where Can We Improve-company? Our efforts to improve business continue diligently as we track and measure results through various analytics and logarithms- seeing what works and what doesn’t. Efforts that bring positive feedback are strengthened while less successful ideas are re-examined, leaving room for opportunity. Assessing our work reminds us that with the fast-paced solution of online branding, there is always room for improvement.