More and more, you’re seeing companies and small business owners  incorporating videos into their blogs, content, and even their homepage. Although impressive; you’ve been wondering—what exactly is this doing for their website?

The truth is that video does a great deal to help your website and your company’s brand. Here’s how influential and informative videos can help turn the users who visit your site daily into real customers.

Engage Your Users

Your users come to your website looking for an experience. While content combined with graphics has been a monumental tool for heightening user experience, video takes this to the next level by actually engaging your users. Interested users are more likely to be influenced by your additional content and stick around to review your site.

Interactive content is always more engaging than static content. It not only keeps people on your website for longer, but it helps to boost your SEO rankings as a result of this. Video has been shown to have high engagement rates among mobile viewers, making this a powerful tool to involve people who visit your site.

Personalize Your Business

When someone lands on your homepage, you have only one opportunity to show them who you really are. What better way to do this than with a personalized video showcasing your product, services, and team?

It doesn’t necessary need to be long—in fact, a brief, compelling video can easily demonstrate what your business is about and show people who you are. Strategically employing video tactics can do an excellent job of personalizing the amazing people behind your business and the services they provide.

People want to connect with service providers. People don’t always want to see generic content and stock photos. The more you customize your site through unique video content, the more you stand out from your competitors. Share some personal facts or have some fun with the videos, as that’s more likely to make an impression and have viewers remember your video.

Beneficial for Social Media Campaigns

Videos that are representative of your business and well-crafted can be highly beneficial for your social media marketing strategy. When you’re able to convey your personality and express your product personally, you make an impression that people remember.

Your video can also be shared and repurposed on social media and in email campaigns. A little bit of video goes a long way for converting website visitors into customers. Web users who view videos consistently drive Internet traffic, making it more likely that you’ll be appealing to potential customers as well as establish brand trust and better SEO rankings.

Of course, constructing a quality video requires attention to detail, a focus on your unique message and personality, and the expertise to do it right. When done properly, video can be a great marketing tool that helps you get customers and improve your return on investment.

Are you interested in making video part of your website or brand marketing strategy? From building trust to engaging your web users to driving your search traffic results, video can impact your website, and all lines of business, in a way you never thought possible.

Try video, whether on a phone or with a videographer, as your web site and online marketing efforts definitely stand to benefit!

Contact the Gazz team to discover more possibilities about how video can take your web marketing strategy to the next level!