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Small Business Websites Should Address the Main Reasons Potential Customers Say No

Does Your Business Website Address the Main Reasons Potential Customers Say ‘No’?

As many business transactions have gone digital, it’s essential to understand how potential customers engage with your company and the barriers they face when making a purchase or selecting services through your website.

For many small companies, the interaction potential customers have with their website may be their only chance to connect with new clients. As such, it’s imperative to address the main reasons your potential customers might say “no” to working with you or becoming a customer.

The following are some of the primary reasons customers leave your website without converting.

Q: ‘Can I Afford Your Services?’ 

Ask Yourself: Do Your Explain Your Payment Options?

Perhaps a potential customer thinks they can’t afford your services, or they balk at the product prices you have listed. Website visitors often leave because they believe a product or service is out of their financial means, even if it may not be.

To address this concern, have content that states any financial options you may offer. This could be something as simple as a graphic stating that you offer flexible financing or payment options. You could also have a webpage dedicated to detailing your payment options or financing for customers.

ecommerceThe goal is to encourage your website visitors to take the next step by letting them know you can work with them to help them get the products or services they need within their budget.

Q: ‘Do I Feel Comfortable with You or Your Business?’ 

Ask Yourself: Does Your Website ‘Connect’ With Customers?

People want to feel comfortable with a business they choose to engage with, whether they are making a purchase or getting in touch to schedule a consultation for a service. If you don’t have personalized content on your site, such as videos or photos, people may not feel comfortable taking the next step.

You can create videos where you or your team talk to people about your products, services, or company culture to establish a connection and make them more comfortable. At the very least, having a webpage about your company with actual photos of your team or the history of your business can help people convert.

Companies can also include content about any organizations they may give back to or talk about their presence in the local community to further establish a connection with potential clients or customers.

Q: ‘Will This Business Accomodate My Busy Schedule?’

Ask Yourself: Do Your Address Your Business’ Flexible Scheduling Options?

Today’s schedules vary widely with fewer people working standard 9-5 jobs. As a result, potential new customers may wonder if your business can accommodate their schedule outside of normal business hours. If they think you can’t, they’ll be less willing to get in touch.

If your business offers same-day appointments, emergency services, weekend, or other flexible scheduling options, state this on your website. Again, this could be a graphic or simply text making it clear what you offer. Flexible scheduling removes the idea that you won’t be able to help these customers based on their needs or time constraints.

When people understand you can be there for them when they need you, they are more willing to consider what you offer.

Put Your Self in Your Customers’ Shoes. How Well Does Your Website Get Potential Customers to ‘Yes’?

Does your website help potential clients overcome any barriers they may have to working with you? If not, you could be missing conversions simply due to lack of communication. At Gazz Consulting, we help small businesses address objections their future customers may have to help them connect with their ideal audience. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.