Joining your local Chamber of Commerce may not be the first thing you think about when considering your search engine optimization (SEO) options.

However, your Chamber of Commerce helps support small businesses and can be an opportunity for networking and getting backlinks to your website, not to mention building credibility.

For a relatively affordable annual fee, you may be able to see SEO benefits of joining your Chamber of Commerce. Here are a few ways becoming a member could give you a better return on your investment when it comes to SEO.

Get Links and Credibility for Your Business

When searching for a business that offers the products or services they need, most people prefer to go local. Your Chamber of Commerce is a great way to establish yourself as a local business and connect with other local businesses.

If you’re a member of your Chamber of Commerce, you can get your business listed on their online directory. Search engines like Google will index these pages and links, which can help boost your website’s visibility. Being listed with your local Chamber of Commerce also proves that your business is truly local and helps people want to connect with you.

These online links back to your business are not only valuable for SEO, but they also help make it easier for people to find you and learn about your business, which can increase your visibility and credibility in your community.

Build Networking Relationships

Becoming a member of your Chamber of Commerce is a valuable way to build business relationships and network with other professionals. You may even have the opportunity to form a partnership with another member or get referrals from other members.

In this process, you may also have the opportunity to help another business and yours at the same time. For example, you can build a partnership where you can get links on their pages or referrals from their company.

When you’re a member of your local Chamber of Commerce, you may also be able to get press coverage online, such as if you do charity work in the community, which is also beneficial for your SEO efforts.

See a Better Return on Your Investment

If you’re a small business with a minimal advertising budget, your local Chamber of Commerce may be the most affordable option for networking. But it also may be a better return on your investment than some SEO efforts for the price.

Joining your Chamber of Commerce can help you enhance your marketing efforts and network with people who you can partner with for referrals and marketing. Since people online use their local Chamber of Commerce to find service providers and products, you can take advantage of this advertising to market your business.

Chamber of Commerce fees tend to be in the $300-400 range for an annual membership, which is more affordable than other professional networking platforms.

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