Business Photos are a new feature being offered by Google to help business owners put their businesses on the map. Google Maps is one of the top online destinations for maps, Google virtual tour see insidedirections, and business listings. Clients who conduct a local search for your business will automatically see your business listing on Google Maps. Google Business Photos lets you make sure that what they see is the whole picture.

Gazz Consulting now offers services for Google Business Photos, yet another way we help our clients take ownership of their online presence. Since we began in 2003, we have been helping our clients stay on top of the latest trends in SEO and online marketing. Google Business Photos is the latest way to make your business visually engaging in online search results.


Google Business Photos runs on the simple concept that customers want to see what a business looks like before they pay it a visit. This is an especially relevant platform for retailers, restaurants, and other businesses that factor heavily in aesthetics. Google Business Photos are far from the ordinary photo gallery. Business owners work with a Trusted Photographer or Trusted Agency to create a panoramic view of their business. When customers visit the business page on Google Maps, they can take a virtual tour of the business without even leaving their computer chair.

Over 100,000 businesses have jumped on-board with Google Business Photos since 2011. Work with our Google-certified Trusted Photographer to develop a panoramic portfolio of Google virtual tour embedded on web sitephotos that will show your customers just how much your business has to offer. We will schedule the photo shoot according to your needs and our photographer will work with you to ensure that they capture your business accurately and fully.

Once the photo shoot is over, we will upload the virtual tour to your business’s Google+ local maps page. The virtual tour makes it possible for users to interact with your business online and increases the likelihood that they will pay you a visit in person. Schedule a photo shoot with our Trusted Photographer today and add a powerful visual element to your online presence.