Social media marketing has given businesses the opportunity to connect with and reach their clients like never before.

Social media services can position your business at the forefront of this marketing opportunity, but unlike other marketing channels, social media marketing requires must provide a compelling value proposition and continuous efforts to develop a community and following that can drive new customers and referrals.

Our services can help to develop, launch and manage your social media marketing efforts.twitter

Overview of Our Social Media Marketing Services

Depending on your targeted audiences, different social media channels provide opportunities for your online marketing efforts.



A Facebook marketing strategy is an exceptional way to build brand affinity and awareness, website traffic, conversions and loyalty with both existing and potential customers alike, all through a viral effect of tapping into their social relationships.

We can target your audience by geography or specific demographics as age, gender, location, interests, relationship status, activities, networks and more.

How can Gazz Consulting help you tap into this social network for your business?

  • Design and implement a Facebook marketing program tailored to your business and marketing goals.
  • Develop and manage Facebook pages to promote your campaign to drive traffic, increase awareness, and build brand/product/service awareness
  • Provide strategic direction on maintain successful Social Network presence
  • Create and delivery demographically targeted advertising campaigns in Facebook
  • Overall project management and communication of results, reporting, and opportunities.

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YouTubeyoutube logo

YouTube, like Facebook, has a huge potential customer base that cannot be overlooked. Your potential customers are actively researching products and services before purchasing, familiarizing themselves before taking the next step. Immersing yourself into the YouTube world as a credible source of information is a crucial source of advertisement in today’s society. Videos are also actively displayed in Google search results, making them an even more powerful source of customer traffic.

Advantages of YouTube Marketing:

  •       Allows your targeted audiences to visualize your products and services
  •       Videos can be indexed by Google and show in search results
  •       Adds Search Engine Credibility
  •       2 billion visitors a day access YouTube

Giving consumers the opportunity to view a rich multimedia presentation allows them to see a product or service in action compared to simply reading about it. Your online presence becomes multi-faceted and versatile, and Gazz Consulting is here to assist you in producing and marketing these videos to make you a strong competitor within your field.

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LinkedInLinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn, like Facebook, is a powerful medium for active social networking users. Targeting affluent and educated professionals, LinkedIn currently hosts more than 30 million entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and mom-and-pop shop owners alike.  LinkedIn is not only a source for branding yourself, but for branding your company while targeting audiences in direct pursuit of your goods and services. Various business owners have described LinkedIn as their “most cost-effective online marketing channel,” bringing in more inbound leads than any other marketing strategy.

We provide our clients LinkedIn marketing strategies including:

–        Profile Creation

–        Account Management

–        Professional Text Publishing

–        Email Marketing

–        Specialized Target Advertising


Google Plus Powerfully Connects Google with Social Mediagoogle+-logo

The Benefits of Google Plus for business are limitless. Many people make the mistake of believing Google Plus to simply be another social networking site, when really the truth is that Google rewards businesses for their participation. Search visibility and algorithms are becoming increasingly intertwined with social media. Branding your business and yourself via social media floods Google with information to deliver to consumers, and branding yourself within Google’s personal social media is even more valuable.

While it is important for your website to filled with the most effective SEO, it is possible that content posted to social media may rank in search results where your website does not. Filling your Google Plus account with applicable hashtags and engaging visuals gives people more chances to find you.

Utilizing the tools that Google Plus has to offer can also potentially increase your reach on search engines. For example: Google Plus and personal profiles may be linked to a website to generate more reach, and past programs, such as Google Authorship, used to include a headshot and profile statistics into search results to increase your credibility, so tangible benefits have been there. Your Google Plus personal profile connects to websites and blogs that tell Internet searchers of your expertise and help you gain the exposure you deserve.

Integrating your personal Google Plus profile with other social media programs, such as YouTube and Gmail, may also help with online exposure. Google Plus pulls all of your marketing platforms into one central location to conveniently display your brand to both Google and potential clients. Streamlining all of your networks into one location increases trust and establishes your reputation as a dependable source.

An effective Google Plus page is an important piece in effective marketing, and Gazz Consulting works hard to utilize this tool and expand the reach of your business. As a certified Google Partner, you can rest assured that the focus of our work lies in the details.


At Gazz Consulting, we manage the fine details so that you don’t have to. We will create and manage your account using focused and profile-based techniques to ensure that your business receives the attention it deserves. Our LinkedIn familiarity and expertise guarantees that you will receive the most from your account, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

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