Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – No Gimmicks, Just Hard Work, Measurement and Persistence

More than ever, today, SEO is complicated. Working with a partner who has a firm understanding of and experience working with sustainable SEO strategies, and who understands what the wrong strategies as well, and who combines the two to implement a success strategy is key. Anyone who says SEO is easy, or that they can ‘guarantee’ SEO results, is probably someone you should seriously question as no one can guarantee results. By using Google’s SEO best practices and a long-term consistent vision, our customers have seen positive results with SEO.

Thousands of online searches are being conducted online daily for your services or products. Costumers are continuously searching for prices, nearby locations, reviews, and various other company qualities that will drive them to making an informed decision as to where they would like to spend their money. The question is, what is bringing the client from an empty search box to your business’s home page? The Internet is very sophisticated, but a search engine still needs a bit of assistance in deciding which pages of content are most relevant and useful for consumer needs. The solution is Search Engine Optimization, the process of improving search visibility by altering keywords and phrases that consumers are using most. We work with clients to create content that is relevant and filled with target keywords to place your business where it will be most visible to customers.

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An important element to successful SEO is setting realistic expectations.There is no instant gratification for organic web site rankings, rather work and time using effective keyword research, optimized content, tags and titles along with link building all lead to organic visibility. Be skeptical of any promises that ‘guarantee’ top rank results. The search engine ranking algorithm and the proportional weight of different elements that make up that algorithm are constantly being refined and modified, and our team is working on behalf of our clients to stay on top of these developments.

It is also important to ensure that your SEO efforts are targeting the correct keywords and keyphrases. It’s important to ask whether the keywords being targeted are the ones being used by your targeted audiences. For example, a business may sell forks, knives and spoons, and as such may want their web site to be optimized for the Keyphrase, ‘forks knives and spoons.’ If uncovered by research it is learned that 80% of the targeted online searches actually used the phrase ‘cutlery’ instead, then rankings by themselves for the initial phrase won’t do that business much good. Keyword research to learn about your audience enables the SEO undertaking to be much more effective.

Our SEO approach for each client:

  • Keyword research
  • Optimize the Website content
  • Link building
  • Measure and refine results

Our approach to SEO has delivered strong organic rankings for our clients over the years through strict attention to detail and search analysis to ensure that your company is never overlooked. Learn what Gazz Consulting can do for you by requesting a free quote today.