Content is getting increasingly visual, with video becoming a popular way for audiences to learn and engage with a brand and companies to reach more viewers. Think about the content on social media that you usually notice or engage with, there’s a strong possibility that video was a good portion of that content.

However, the rise of video has also given rise to different social media platforms where you can post videos, and all of these platforms can have different requirements to upload your video.

Whether you’re posting on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or another platform, here are our top social media video tips for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Place a High Priority on Audio

Viewers need to be able to hear you clearly in your video. If they can’t hear you even when turning up the volume, or it’s difficult to hear you because there’s a lot of background noise or you’re using a bad microphone, people won’t stick around to listen to what you have to say. Having high-quality, clear audio should be at the top of your priority list for your video.

Always Film High-Definition Video

video marketingFilm your video using 1080 or 4K resolution, which provides the high-definition (HD) video that people expect. However, you also want to use quality lighting when filming a high-definition video, which will help make you the brightest subject in the frame and keep your viewer’s attention on you instead of the background.

Have an Opening and Closing Slide

Don’t post a video online without using this opportunity to let viewers know about your company and where they can contact you. To do this, use an opening and closing slide on the video. The opening slide should have corporate and campaign branding to add context, while the closing slide should feature any contact information or a call-to-action (CTA) you want to include.

Don’t Forget About Captions

When composing your video, it’s important to keep in mind that many viewers want to watch with captions on. If you don’t take captions into account, they can block your content or be distracting at the bottom of the screen. Be sure there’s enough room to accommodate captions and use captions when available, as they can support your SEO efforts.

Upload Your Video Directly to Facebook

By uploading your video directly to Facebook, the video will begin to automatically play when someone sees it, capturing your audience’s attention faster and getting them to watch the video without having to click play. 

Be Selective About What You Post

When editing your video, remember that if you don’t think it includes high-quality content or visual and audio quality, chances are others won’t either, so don’t post your video. A poor quality video or one that contains irrelevant content will do more harm than good to your professional reputation, especially online.

Hire a Professional

Instead of managing your video creation on your own, consider hiring a professional to help guide you through this process. After all, since video is so important in our digital world, you want to be sure you’re making the best video marketing decisions based on your business goals so you can create unique and high-value content for your customers.

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This article was developed in partnership with Stone Lyons of Stone Lyons Media LLC.