Importance of Updating Your Website Content for SEO

>>Importance of Updating Your Website Content for SEO

Importance of Updating Your Website Content for SEO

Content is invaluable when it comes to your website, and it’s not just pictures and video—written content is the king of web positioning, known as search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is what helps search engines such as Google rank your site for context, and it’s also what’s going to get your business name in front of customers who are looking for products, services, or information you offer. 

However, posting content and then abandoning it and never posting to your blog or updating your webpages ever again is going to hurt your website’s rankings and online visibility. Here’s why updating your website content is essential to your SEO strategy.

Search Engines Value Updated & Useful Content

If a search engine isn’t clear on what you’re offering, they may fail to properly index your website, which will impact your rankings. Your content needs to be relevant and updated for your business.

Helpful content also ranks positively—search engines value content that’s useful to visitors, in other words, information that they find engaging or helpful. Visitors also crave fresh content, and might look elsewhere if your website’s blog hasn’t been updated in two years.

Useful content is also going to help establish your website as an authority on your primary subject, which builds credibility, trust, and a positive reputation—among your visitors and search engines.

Keywords Are Important, But So Is Quality

Keywords are essential for proper SEO, but keyword stuffing is a practice that’s long been dead. Your content needs to strategically and organically use keywords in order to be both relevant to search engines and appealing to your audience.

Quality content and keywords can coexist together, and achieving this balance is going to help improve your website’s quality and rankings, both of which go a long way towards the amount of traffic and conversions your site receives!

Content Must Be Original

If you copy content from other websites, even if it’s just a phrase here and there, you could be penalized by the search engines. Your content must be 100 percent original and not plagiarized from another site or author.

Websites that have copied content can see a decrease in their rankings. Plus, you want your content to be as unique as your business to draw in customers. People will continue to return to a website with unique, relevant content that’s updated regularly. 

To Achieve Your Best Rankings, Be Consistent

In order to leverage SEO to your best advantage, you need to post new content consistently. Updating your content regularly helps search engines give your website a positive value.

Be committed when updating your content: set a schedule and stick to it. Whether you post once a week or once a month, keep generating original, useful, and appropriate content for your website, and search engines will reward you!

Also, take time as needed to review all the content on your website for accuracy and broken links. If your business number has changed but you haven’t updated it on your website, how are customers going to contact you?

Is Your Website’s Content Up-to-Date?

With all the tasks you have to do as a business owner or manager, we understand it can feel overwhelming to keep up with your website’s content. However, it’s essential for SEO and will continue to impact the online visibility and success of your business, especially in the long run.

For help with content management, SEO strategies, keywords, and more, contact us at Gazz Consulting at (703) 457-6687. Our team can help you effectively manage your content to improve your rankings and traffic for your website!

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