If you take one thing from reading this know that non-HTTPS Websites will soon ass be labeled “Not Secure” by Chrome. And by soon, we mean October, 2017.

In case you missed it, a recent announcement from Google signaled that Google’s Chrome browser will begin displaying a “Not Secure” warning message for unencrypted webpages starting some time in October 2017. This message will be displayed in the address bar of websites not running the HTTPS protocol.

In English, this means generally two things in terms of what your visitors will see and experience if your site is ‘http’ come October:

1. Visitors will see a ‘not secure’ warning in the address bar of Google Chrome

2. When visitors submit contact forms on web sites that are http (not secure) rather than https (secure), they will get this ‘not secure’ warning, which is something you do not want to happen.

So it would be highly recommended to look into installing SSL certificates for your web site to ensure Google recognizes it as ‘Secure’.

The only visible difference for visitors will be that they see https://yourdomainname.com  vs  http://yourdomainname.com, and there will be additional configuration items from an SEO standpoint that need to be done afterwards as well.

If you have questions about SSLs or are looking for assistance, give the team at Gazz Consulting a call.