Medical practices have been facing unprecedented challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic has continued. From taking steps to safely accommodate patients to experiencing financial strains, these clients have had extraordinary circumstances to face.

Our digital marketing strategies have evolved during COVID to better support our medical clients and their current situation. Here’s what steps our team has been taking to adjust our digital marketing approach to better support our medical clients during this pandemic.

Offering Virtual Appointments

Virtual appointments are a safe, simple way to accommodate patients during a pandemic, and as such, they’re an essential part of digital marketing for medical clients. For example, orthodontic practices can conduct some of their initial appointments virtually, and for general dentistry, virtual appointments are an option for patients considering cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign treatment.

Advertising virtual appointment availability can help ensure patients have a safe, reliable way to access care. Even after COVID cases drop, many medical clients will still offer virtual appointments. They not only make it convenient for patients to access their provider, but they help medical offices reduce the number of patients, which can help make their practice a safer place. 

Highlighting Investments in Sanitary Equipment

Medical practices have been taking extra precautions to help keep staff and patients safe during COVID. These precautions include investing in equipment that allows them to keep their offices cleaner, including proper air filtering, surface cleaners, and steam sanitizing machines.

Highlighting these investments as part of our digital marketing strategy not only gives patients peace of mind when choosing a practice, but helps our medical clients stand out. Blog content, social media posts, and informative articles or information about these devices are all part of our digital marketing efforts for medical clients.

Providing Instructions to Patients on New Procedures

COVID has made visiting virtually any medical practice a risk, but ensuring your patients know what to expect for their appointment can help increase everyone’s safety and streamline the appointment process. Providing instructions online to patients for any new COVID-related appointment procedures can help make patients feel more confident about visiting your practice.

Including these instructions on your website, blog, social media, or email newsletter can help patients know that you’re taking their health and safety seriously. Instructions about new procedures can also help patients better prepare for their appointment so your medical practice can run more smoothly.

Adjusting Content Strategy Based on Available Services

For several months, our dental and medical clients were only allowed to provide emergency dental appointments, so we adjusted our advertising and blog content writing strategy to reflect this. Our writing strategy included information such as:

  • Which symptoms potentially indicated a dental or medical emergency and which cases could possibly wait.
  • Giving dental patients tips to better support their oral and medical care at home.
  • Prompting patients to sign up for a newsletter for updates and to know when the practice would open for regular appointments again.
  • Helping dental & chiropractic practices advertise for specific emergency services.
  • Encouraging patients to take advantage of virtual appointments when appropriate or to contact the office for further information.

We’re Here to Support You

We know COVID-19 has been a particularly challenging time for our medical clients. Know that at Gazz Consulting, we’re here to support your success even during this crisis. Contact us at (703) 457-6687 to find out more about how our team can help your medical business tailor its digital marketing strategy as the pandemic continues.