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Tap Linking Opportunities from Your Community Involvement

Taking advantage of high-quality linking opportunities is an important part of website ranking on Google. Search engines reward quality—and sometimes even punish quantity—so your linking efforts need to be properly …

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Understanding Content Marketing & The Value of Having a Web Site Blog

Do I Need a Blog? What is the Value? These are questions commonly asked by our clients. Is it helpful? If so what type of content is good to develop? …

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Importance of Claiming and Managing your Business Listing on Google

While business owners understand the importance of having their web site found in a Google organic search, just as, if not more important, for ‘local’ searches is to ensure you …

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Transforming Your Website with Fresh Content and Aesthetic

At Gazz Consulting, our mission is to keep our clients’ content up-to-date, fresh, and aesthetically engaging. We know that the most important part of any marketing effort lies in the …

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The Importance of Link Building

When building a content marketing platform, be it a blog or FAQ section of a website, many writers ignore one of the most vital components of proper marketing strategies: link …

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Effective SEO is No “Quick Fix”

Entrepreneurs, as well as new and old businesses, have armed themselves in all of the new gadgets that search engine optimization has to offer in order to improve their business …

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Utilizing Google Tools for Your Business

Google’s monopoly on organic search results and all areas of SEO has us twiddling our thumbs as to how to get ahead of other rankings. While Google’s tactics may not …

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Videos tell a story, tell yours!

If you are a small business owner in the service industry, i.e. medial, legal, consulting, etc., ultimately you, and your team members, are the brand that you are building online. …

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