Do I Need to Fill Out the Title Tag and Meta Description Fields When Creating a new page to my website?

>>Do I Need to Fill Out the Title Tag and Meta Description Fields When Creating a new page to my website?

Do I Need to Fill Out the Title Tag and Meta Description Fields When Creating a new page to my website?

When creating a new page for your website, you want it to rank well but you also want your audience to find what they need when searching for information or products that your company excels in.

By filling out the title tag and meta description fields on your site when creating a  new page, you can increase your site’s relevance and impact on users who are searching for something you offer.

Here’s how you can correctly fill out these description fields to your best advantage.

What Exactly Are Title Tag and Meta Descriptions and Why Do They Matter?

The title tag is essentially the title of your page that people will see in the search engines.

These tags are shorter than meta descriptions, but they help search engines understand how to index your page and play a significant role in whether or not people click on your page. Title tags are also helpful for social media and, of course, instrumental to search engine optimization (SEO).

Meta descriptions are a longer narrative which essentially lets web users see your page’s content in a nutshell. This field allows you to control what content a user will see when your page pops up in the search engines. This is your chance to make the content relevant to what the user is searching for to draw in traffic.

A good meta description will be unique, to the point, and contain relevant keywords.

How to Write a Good Title Tag and Meta Description

Although your tags and descriptions will need to be SEO friendly, writing descriptions that are most relevant to web users can help your page get more clicks.

You want to approach the title tag and meta description from an advertising perspective while still using conversational language. In other words, you need to give people a reason to visit this page. In these brief descriptions, you should make clear what you’re offering and why people would benefit.

The following pointers will show you how to write good descriptions to rank well and appeal to visitors.

What You Need to Do to Optimize Tags and Descriptions

You can optimize your tags and descriptions for SEO and ensure your pages are marketing all their benefits to appeal to web users. Here’s how.

Keep Character Limits in Mind. Your title tag should contain all the essential details without getting cut off. Title tag characters max out at 60, so search engines won’t display anything longer than this.

For a meta description, the content maxes out at 155 characters. However, since only 130 of these will show up for mobile users, we recommend keeping the meta description under 130 characters, especially since more than half the people on the web today are using a mobile device.

Never Copy Content. It’s essential never to copy content when writing title tags and meta descriptions. Even if you have a variety of pages that are similar in content, write unique descriptions for each of them. The content needs to be specific to your site, otherwise, Google may penalize you by not showing your results in the search engines.

Use the Right Keywords. You’ll want to use relevant keywords in both the title tag and meta description, which helps the search engines (and web users) know what your page is offering.

However, it’s important not to make the content too keyword-rich as search engines may see this as potential spam and it could cause your rankings to go down.

Using the most relevant words at the beginning of both the title tag and meta description can improve your rankings and also provide essential information to visitors as soon as they see your page.

It can feel overwhelming to keep up with custom title tags and meta descriptions to optimize your web pages, but it’s so important to improve your rankings. Keep these tips in mind when writing a tag and a description for your new page!

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