What will a visitor to your website remember five minutes after leaving the site? What about an hour later? How about the next day? These are important questions to ask during the development process. The fact is, the things people will remember about your site are what stands out as unique, informative, and eye-catching. Consider the following 4 types of content that should be on your website, and how you can make each one stand out and be memorable.

Real Images of Your Staff and Offices

You may think that sites with a lot of stock images are really professional looking. While that may be true, no one clicks away from a site with stock images and remembers the pictures. They look like the images on every other site, so they don’t make much of an impression. What really stands out is a site that includes images of their actual staff and offices. If you want to images to look professional—hire a photographer to stage, take, and edit them.

Video Creates Engagement and Introduces You to the Client

There are a number of factors that go into making a video memorable. First of all, you have to speak on a topic that is relevant to the interest of site visitors. Second, you have to open up a let people see you and your company in a situation that helps the consumer to get to know you. Consumers turn into clients when they are comfortable.

Use Infographics to Get Attention

Infographics are the best of both worlds. They are both eye-catching and informative at the same time. And if you post an infographic that a site visitor has never seen anywhere else, this is a quick way to build trust and become an authority in the eyes of a consumer. You may be providing the same facts as many other sites, but providing them in a fresh format can keep visitors leaving with the feeling like they got something of value from your site.

Make Text Easily Readable and Scannable

Most people only read a small portion of the text on a page. By starting with a big, bold heading that gets right to the point and then providing easy to spot subheadings, you are letting a site visitor know exactly what is on the page and what portions are most relevant to his or her interests. That save a reader time, and people always appreciate that. Very few people will get past the first paragraph of a long page of text with no headers or bullet points.

Now you are ready to take the four important elements of website content and turn them into memorable elements of a website that makes clients out of consumers.