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Surveillance Secure, a provider and integrator of IP surveillance, security and home automation systems



Develop custom web presence that would target potential customers from residential, government and commercial markets. The offerings should emphasize both the high end systems being offered, but also present the strong technical and networking capabilities of the company to install, configure, monitor and support systems.

Services Provided:

Custom web design, Content development, SEO, Google AdWords, Maps Optimization & Trade show support


Web site attained strong visibility in Google search for desired security and surveillance phrases, both locally and nationally. Within the first 24 months, 4 specific leads which were generated online each generated 6-figure revenue for the company.

What Mr. Hartman had to say:

Our web site leads have been steady for over 4 years now, which I know is no small feat. We’ve gotten business from high-end homes, local and federal government agencies, companies and even international projects in Central America and the Caribbean. The only marketing we’ve serioulsy done has been online, and you guys have done a great job.


Note: Results for individual clients will vary, and online success requires a long-term commitment.