When writing for dental blogs, you want to engage readers while providing them with the information they’re looking for. 

High-quality content is an excellent way to do this. It not only help boosts a dental practice’s credibility, but shows that the team is actively involved in patient education and delivering helpful information to their audience.

What are some of the best tips when writing for dental blogs? Here are a few guidelines that can ensure you deliver relevant, accessible content to readers.

Be Specific and Leverage the Doctor’s Knowledge

People are looking for material that’s specific to their concern. Being general when discussing a topic isn’t going to be beneficial for the majority of readers—you need to be specific.

An exact topic will also help refine the article’s focus. For instance, instead of writing an article about unhealthy foods for teeth, don’t be afraid to be more detailed: “These 5 Unhealthy Foods Contribute to Tooth Decay”.

You also can and should utilize the doctor’s knowledge as much as possible. Their expertise will increase the relevancy of your article and create content that’s exclusive to your blog that people may not find elsewhere on the web.

Answer Questions, Especially FAQs

It’s important to use your content to answer questions patients may have. You can even use specific questions that your practice gets asked frequently to title your articles, such as “Does Teeth Whitening Cause Tooth Sensitivity?”.

You can also begin your title with the phrase “top reasons”, or reference a time in the title as people tend to search for recent content. For example, “Top Reasons Your Smile Needs a Professional Cleaning in 2019”.

Find out what patients are asking and what people are searching for, then construct your topics around answering these questions. Not only will this help you deliver helpful and meaningful content, but articles that will keep visitors coming back.

Don’t Forget to Include Images

Even the most engaging text can appear dull without images. Relevant, high-quality images can enhance your text and draw in readers. Images can also improve communication, conveying to your audience in an instant what your content is about.

Photos can also bring your content to life, making it more attractive to visitors. Articles with images almost always get more clicks and rank higher in the search engines, increasing your website’s performance. Don’t underestimate the importance of images for your dental blog!

Keep Your Content Readable

People are looking for information when searching the web. If they can’t find what they need in a reasonable amount of time, they’ll keep looking for their information in a more accessible format elsewhere.

To keep people engaged and help them find what they need, use headings so they can successfully skim the article and process the information. It also helps to keep paragraphs on the shorter side, ideally between three and four sentences.

Create Successful Content for Your Dental Blogs

When writing content for dental blogs, you can create successful content and keep your visitors coming back with the right strategy. Focus on readability, including high-quality images, and leveraging the doctor’s knowledge to create specific topics your audience will love!