5 Tips for Social Media Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

Social media marketing is an excellent tool when used properly. It can also be one of the most difficult to master. When you have your own healthcare practice, it’s just as important to reach new patients as it is to provide exceptional care to your current ones.

When marketing your practice on social media, here are 5 tips that can help you catch attention, generate interest, and inspire new patients to reach out.

1. Post Videos on Social Media

Videos are a powerful means of communication that spread your message and connect with potential clients. However, videos need to be shared on more than just your website.

You can utilize social media for your videos to make the most impact. Post them on your social media channels and let patients see your clinic, learn from your staff, or hear from you about a particular type of treatment or question they may have. Videos are one of the most influential forms of visual media.

2. Share Patient Success Stories

One concrete and effective way to connect with potential patients is to share your current patients’ success stories. However, it’s crucial to have their permission to share the story and photos first. If you don’t have approval, you can instead share the story without names or specifics in general terms.

You can also ask your patients if you can take a picture of them—such as before and after their treatment—to post these pictures and their story on social media. This way, potential patients can see your current patients’ experience as well as photos on how their treatment has changed their life for the better!

3. Share Posts and Special Offers

If you regularly post articles on your blog, you can share these articles on your social media accounts to gain more traffic and attention. You can also share treatment pages to detail more about what your practice offers. When you offer any type of special deal, this is certainly something to share on social media!

Your goal here should be to inform people, but also to entertain. Mix up what you share. In addition to sharing blog posts, treatment pages, and special deals, you can also share additional articles that you find helpful, a motivational quote about health, an image, or anything else that’s appropriate.

4. Send the Right Message

What you share on social media is important. Social media platforms define a segment of your marketing efforts, so don’t carelessly post items without a strategy. You want to be sure that what you’re sharing sends the right message.

You want to create a welcoming, positive, and professional image of your practice. Keep your information focused on items that are relevant to your audience. Ask yourself what your followers will get from your post or article. Your followers will appreciate your thought and attention!

5. Don’t Abandon Your Account

Social media marketing can certainly be challenging, but it’s important to not give up. Abandoning your account sends the wrong message to your readers and followers. It can make your practice appear absent, disinterested, and unengaged. You want to show that you’re active and invested in your community.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with your social media account, you can try scheduling posts to make it easier. This will help you better manage your posts and engagement with visitors. You can also work with a company that’s experienced in helping healthcare practices reach their maximum potential through content management.

What’s been your experience using social media to market your practice? This is one of the most important marketing tools you have, so don’t waste it. If you need help with your social media marketing, consider getting in touch with Gazz Consulting to learn more about how we can help your practice excel!

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