While the blog content from our Gazz team focuses primarily on SEO, Google developments and content marketing strategy, this article will focus more on strategies and effective tools related to online meetings (aka webinars, web meetings, etc.) we’ve found to be very effective in working with and engaging both clients and potential clients.

We know SMBs are always looking for great and effective tools to grow their business and communicate with their clients. While we discuss general features, benefits and strategies for utilizing online meeting software, the inspiration for this piece came from our usage of the web meeting platform, Callbridge, which we’re pleased to give our recommendation as it’s been a great, and easy to use, for our team.

So how do online meetings promote client engagement?

You’re in the right spot if you want to learn more about how video conferencing affects the way in which participants react and respond; how it caters to key leaders’ schedules seamlessly when it might be an impossible task to get everyone in-person otherwise or why client retention will soar with video chat and video tutorial features. If you’re looking to refresh the way you engage with clients and the way clients engage with you, this is for you!

Dynamic Collaboration – Move on From Email Threads

Let’s look at how online meetings inspire dynamic collaboration, a key element for promoting client engagement. Rather than getting caught up in a long email thread discussing website design changes or content strategy, an online meeting cuts straight to the point. It’s actually a total game-changer; suddenly, a potentially dry meeting that could have taken form as an email or transpired via conference calling feels like the real deal. Participants are transported to the here and now to get to the heart of the matter. The etiquette and urgency is scaled up. Participants are sitting up front and center, and there’s no getting away with multitasking like checking phones, eating, or worst of all, zoning out. Eye contact is essential to being and staying present. 

Not only are participants required to step up to the plate instead of fade into the background, everyone can actually see and “virtually” meet each other. Even if you’ve never met in person, this is the second-best thing and creates a sense of familiarity and bonding. Forge a visual connection with current clients or potential clients so it no longer feels like you’re speaking to strangers. Everyone can start to recognize each other and enhance the working relationship.

Especially with features like the online whiteboard which helps make complex ideas simple. Participants can draw and use images, shapes, and colors to communicate their ideas when words fail them. This is perfect for breaking down what kind of mood and treatment is desired for the client’s social media content or communicating effectively about storyboards for video content and web page layout. 

Heightened Communication – Nothing Beats Face-to-Face Time with Clients

By incorporating more online meetings into your communication strategy, the overall quality of communication becomes greatly heightened. Video conferencing is a tool that encourages more face-to-face time with clients that personalizes the interaction rather than just providing a one-size-fits-all solution. Questions and issues can be addressed in real-time, creating a feedback loop that is instant and efficient rather than going back and forth over long stretches of time. The level of understanding is more obvious and harder to misconstrue when nuances and tone of voice are sent and received in the same breath. This is especially helpful when pitching to a client, or building your reputation. Video conferencing technology can be used for customer testimonials, interviews, webinars and Q&A sessions for people who want to know more about the business. 

Let’s not forget how effective an online meeting is for those on the go. Upper management, stakeholders, hard-to-reach influencers – instead of trying to get someone in the same room as you, consider scheduling a brief (or long!) online meeting that sticks to an agenda. By knowing what needs to be said or having questions prepared in advance, any key leader can squeeze in a video chat from wherever they are and stay engaged all the way through.

Elevated Learning for Your Customers – Make it Easy & More Engaging to Share Your Knowledge

When your customers are able to walk away having learned something, it creates value in their life and empowers brand awareness. Video conferencing used for webinars, tutorials, continued learning and chatting conveys information more easily and makes learning more convenient. Customers are more likely to stay hooked when they trust what your business has to offer and are presented with fresh information that impacts their lives. Try hosting an info session or online workshop that attracts your market to learn about a topic in-depth or through a detailed demonstration. Keep pushing out fresh, high-quality content that reflects your brand’s values and mission, and watch as your customer interest and retention stays steady and grows.

In this day and age, it’s important to show just as much as we tell, which our Gazz team has experienced and can attest to firsthand.

Keep clients engaged with video conferencing that enriches online meetings by making them more collaborative, effective and information-packed. If you’re not utilizing online meetings for your business, try it out, you’ll see the difference and will elevate your client engagement, which will benefit your business, brand and your client satisfaction and retention.